Sailing in the southern-most city of the World

The 01 of September of 2019 is a historic day for Chilean and Sailing community around the world, Sailing for Everyone and Hansa Sailing set sails in the Southernmost sailing School in the world, Club Escuela Deportes Náuticos Puerto Williams (, in Cape Horne Commune.

Between the 30 of august and the 04 of September Thomas (Tommy) Elton, owner of Puerto Deportivo Valparaíso (Hansa Sailing distributor for Chile and South America), trained the CEDENA team in all the aspect regarding how to rig, sail and teach sailing in their new Hansa 303 Wide and the operation of the C Crane Hansa for Disable Sailors and older adults with mobility issues.

With this certification CEDENA starts with their S4E programs, like the Sailing Course in Hansa for 20 people, that set sails last weekend and will be going on between September and the 30 of November. This sailing course is completely free for the Puerto Williams community specially for adults, older adults and people with disabilities, because is paid by Magallanes Regional Government.

Besides the sailing course, the Puerto Williams community and tourists will be able to rent the Hansa and, by sailing in one of the most amassing places in the world, the community will be helping the sailing school for in the near future have more Hansa 303 sailing there.

During the certification course, the almost 100 kids that sails every week in CEDENA, in Optimists and Laser, were very excited to go sailing in the new Hansa. So, they will invite their parent´s to go sailing for the first time together, were the kids will be the parent´s “sailing instructors”, onboard a Hansa.

We are very proud that the second S4E Center in Chile after the first starts only two years ago in Puerto Deportivo Valparaíso in the emblematic Valparaíso Harbor, set sails in Puerto Williams in the mystic Cape Horne Commune (the Everest of every sailor) and it´s officially part of the S4E Family becoming the southernmost S4E Center in the world.

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