Brazilian sailors celebrate anniversary

Brazilian sailors have recently been involved in 55th anniversary celerations of their country’s capital city.

On the anniversary of 55 years of Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, the athletes of the Adapted Sailing Center of Brasilia celebrated the anniversary of the federal capital Brasília sailing in the First Cup Adapted Sailing.

The Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg and the Administrator of Brasilia, Igor Tokarski personally awarded the disabled athletes of the Adapted Sailing at the Yacht Club Cota Mil.

A Youtube video showing the event is available via this link.

The group have a Facebook page – Amigos Vela Adaptada – Friends Adapted Sailing – which can be viewed here.

Thanks to Edmur Carlos Gonçalves de Oliveira Júnior for providing the link for the Youtube video and details about this event.


Brazilian sailors

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