Hansa Sailing sponsors Inclusion Award

As previously advised,  Hansa Sailing sponsored the Excellence in Inclusion award at the Shoalhaven Business Awards in August.

The award recognises individuals or businesses that address the needs of a diverse community, including seniors and people with disability. An inclusive society facilitates the needs of all its members, and encourages participation by all in everyday activities. For example, for people with disability, there are multiple elements of inclusion that go beyond regulatory compliance to create a functional and welcoming environment.

The winner was Southern Cross Community Housing.

The judges said the following about Southern Cross Community Housing:

Southern Cross Community Housing demonstrates an in-depth understanding of an inclusive society. Through its responsive and flexible approach, Southern Cross caters for its entire community. Southern Cross’s core business is to provide housing for homeless, aged and people with a disability, but it goes further by initiating programs that encourage, support, provide job opportunities, and nurture its tenants to ensure their long-term wellbeing. An inclusive society meets needs and, in so doing, facilitates and encourages participation by all its members in everyday activities.

See more about Southern Cross Community Housing here.

To discuss the award, Chris Mitchell made a short video about inclusion, which you can see here.

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