Excellence In Inclusive Sailing Award announced at Hansa Worlds

by S4e

Hansa Sailing’s Chris Mitchell has been honoured by an award named for him at the 2016 Hansa World and International Championships.

The award, titled the Chris Mitchell Gold Hansa Award for excellence in inclusive sailing, was presented to Chris by the Organising Committee of the 2016 Hansa Worlds at a sailor’s BBQ last night. The Gold Hansa refers to the Inclusion Index referred to in the s4e newsletter, Telltales, which highlights the most inclusive programs that allow everyone to sail – as is in evidence here at the Hansa Class World Championships.

In accepting the award, Mitchell said – “I won’t keep this award myself. I’ll give it to the sailors, teams or group of volunteers that I think have shown the best contribution to inclusive sailing. During the 2018 Hansa Worlds in Hiroshima the trophy will be awarded again.”

Whilst quipping “I think they think I’m about to shuffle off, but I plan to stick around for at least 20 years!

Chris will present the inaugural award at the final presentations for the 2016 Hansa Worlds on Thursday evening.

One thought on “Excellence In Inclusive Sailing Award announced at Hansa Worlds

  1. Tracy Odiam

    Would have been nice if all sailors and support could have been a part of Tuesday nights bbq and presentations, rather than stuck outside in the cold, unable to hear or see anything because of space issues.


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