Eighty miles around Lake Garda

One man sails solo in his Hansa 303, eighty nautical miles around Italy’s Lake Garda.

SoloLakeGarda2Eighty nautical miles around Lake Garda, alone, to show everyone that disability knows no obstacles. It is the initiative of sailor Conrad Bentini and the Cooperativa Sociale Archè, known as “Sail Around”.

Bentini (pictured) started on Monday, September 15 from Riva, and has sailed solo for 80 nautical miles and made landfall again in Riva, at the port of San Nicolò, Wednesday, Sept. 17.

He sailed the waters of Lake Garda solo in a Hansa 303 boat with suitable features to accommodate people with disabilities.

This is his story. Bentini was born in Ravenna in 1954 and, due to a serious car accident in 2006, has since undergone permanent injury, heavily influencing its mobility. In his path of life, and through his passion for sailing, three years ago, he met the Cooperative Sociale Archè. In a reciprocal sharing of purpose and commitment made during the past two years, Conrad has done an 800 hour training course that led him to have all the necessary skills to act on behalf of other disabled and young people, as an expert in social sailing.

Bentini-Corrado2The articulated and complex process, carried out through the European Social Fund, has allowed Conrad to act and experiment alongside the team from Archè, assuming good practice and giving birth to a deep and constructive friendship. As part of the process, he has also sailed the Hansa 303 in the last two Italian Hansa Class Championships with satisfactory results.

Now Bentini wanted to test this new challenge, called “Sail around”, He was followed by a sailing vessel as a means of support and safety with the presence on board of another person with a disability and 4 young video-makers, in order to produce a short film of the experience that will then be shown at various film festivals that are promoted at regional and national level.

Alessio Osele will support the young film-makers with technical advice and assistance through the filming and into the final production stage. The trip took place in three stages: Riva del Garda – Gargnano, Gargnano – Lazise sul Garda and Lazise sul Garda – Riva del Garda.

(Translated from a story that appeared in the Garda Post on Sept 18th)

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