Liberties sailors take to the water in New Zealand

by Sherida Bland

A group of sailors in Hansa Liberties set out last month from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand on a day trip to Flat Rock – 9 nautical miles away. One of the sailors, Sherida Bland wrote this article.

IMG_3109Tim, Sonny, Chelsea and Sherida, 4 sailors with Sailability in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, went sailing in 4 Hansa Liberties to Flat Rock last month. We had support from Katy and Mark and Paul and Otis on Paul’s keeler, and Dennis and Elaine on another rescue boat. It was nearly 9 nautical miles each way – it took us most of the day. It was a bit windy and choppy. When we got there we had lunch.

It was a lovely day and good fun. It was a good experience…a little bit IMG_3101scary…but I know we all loved it and would do it again. I surprised myself. I was able to do it but I did sleep most of the next day. I enjoy sailing because I feel free and in my own space. I learn new skills. I love to look back on Napier and the hills around Hawkes Bay.

I like to say thanks to Katy and Mark and the support team who supported us there and back to the sailing club.


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