Let the wind take me – 2.3’s in Brazil

Eight Hansa 2.3 dinghies are changing the lives of a group of sailors in Brazil.

The boats, purchased with the assistance of the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program, are being sailed by a group of people who are new to the sport of sailing.

A motorcycle accident ten months ago transformed the life of attorney Vinicius Theodoro. What would be seen as a nightmare for anyone, he turned around and today integrates with a group of 11 special athletes in the program Sailing for All.  Two weeks of sailing on Lake Paranoá were sufficient to awaken this beginner’s adventurous spirit.  Before the accident, he was doing crazy things with the bike, now he feels the rush of wind and sharp curves that sailing can provide. “The boat is another kind of adventure, another climate, new everything, “he says.  s4e

He and his colleague Patrick are looking for opportunities to pursue a career as athletes.  Patrick was hit by a civilian police officer below the chest and no longer knows what it is to walk. In constant physiotherapy, he dreams of walking again, but until then, occupies his mind with other sports and tries to do what he can, despite the limitations.

At 32, Ana Paula is showing much promise from the project. Having been shot in back during a fight family in 2003, today she tries to forget the trauma and, after a year and a half of practice, Ana feels prepared to start to compete. The first opportunity is next month when the Federation intends to organize an amateur competition.

Interested participants can look for more information on the group’s Facebook page – Núcleo De Vela Adaptada De Brasília Nvab

(Loosely translated from the attached article that appeared in www.jornaldebrasilia.com.br)

The following was recently posted to the Australia Hansa Class Association Facebook Page.

There are no words to express the gratitude of our special athletes to those entities and people that make the difference and who dedicate themselves voluntarily to the project “Sailing for everyone”, the Quota framework and 1,000 associates who recognize the value of their social responsibility, those who make reference in the universe of social clubs of Brazil, captained by so dedicated command of Jorge Gutierrez, Australia in Brazil, Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR), Australian Paralympic Team, Hansa Class of Australia, International Hansa Class Association, Embaixa da Australian, Tim Morris, Karine Camargo Neves, Marcela Cold Pimentel Parsons, Alberto Branquinho, Paulo Maia, Brazilian Paralympic Comitê (CPB) 

There is a link to some News footage of the sailors in action.

Brazil5In September, the first Brazilian Adaptive Sailing Championships was held at the Cota Mil Yacht Club, with 8 competitors taking part. The winners included Ana Paula, who was featured in the  news article above.


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